The team behind Lexington Oaks operates from both the USA and the UK, boasting a decade of active involvement in sports media. With a strong track record of producing sports publications and other media in various leading sectors, we have provided unwavering support to major events across the sporting world.

Our specialization lies in professional golf since 2008, during which we have consistently produced the bi-annual Essential Guide to Golf. Additionally, we take pride in creating commemorative programs for prestigious tournaments like the Presidents Cup and the World Golf Championships series, among others.

Collaborating with some of the finest golf writers in the U.S., our digital and publishing team aims to deliver the most well-informed news, opinions, and features in the golfing realm.

Beyond our dedication to top-notch golf content, we also strive to promote business links and facilitate travel/vacation opportunities within the world of golf. By sharing the best of golf news and insights, our ultimate goal is to introduce this great game to an ever-expanding audience.

About Lexington Oaks

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